GWT Beta Version 1.1 Available

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Friday, August 11, 2006 at 12:10:00 PM

As promised in the last episode (this still counts as early August, right?) , we're happy to report that today is the day! Version 1.1 of GWT is now available. We ended up being able to wrap in a few additional bug fixes and feature requests to hopefully make your development even more productive. So, in addition to the new features we mentioned previously, GWT 1.1 also includes:

  • Automatic resource injection
    Modules can contain references to external JavaScript and CSS files, causing them to be automatically loaded when the module itself is loaded.
  • gwt-servlet.jar
    Deploy this jar to add RPC to your servlet-based webapps without having to manually crack open gwt-user.jar to remove the servlet API classes.
  • Javadoc-style API documentation
    By popular demand :-)
  • An automatic mechanism to stop the browser from caching the .nocache.html file for your module.
There are a few API changes that may require you to tweak your code when you update, but it should be painless. The release notes (index.html) in the GWT 1.1 distribution go into more depth if you're interested. We hope you enjoy GWT 1.1. We'll be continuing to work on bugs and feature requests that you've already identified, but please continue telling us what you think on the GWT group.

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