GWT Release Update

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Friday, July 21, 2006 at 7:00:00 PM

Did you miss us? We haven't spent quite as much time answering questions on the GWT group lately because the GWT engineering team has been heads-down the last few weeks, busily working on your most-requested features and squashing your most-reported bugs. In addition to the items already marked "Fix in Progress" on the issues list, the new version of GWT (coming in early August) will include

  • Localization
    Easily localize strings and formatted messages
  • XML classes
    An XML library based on the W3C DOM
  • JSON classes
    JSON is moving into gwt-user.jar, and it's much faster than the sample in 1.0.21
  • FileUpload widget
    The much-requested file upload widget
  • FormPanel widget
    Easily submit traditional HTML forms from GWT apps
  • RPC optimizations
    Speed improvements and a more compact wire format
  • JUnit enhancements
    Unit tests are much, much faster than in 1.0.21, and you can now test asynchronous things like RPCs and timers

By the way...we've heard your requests for more frequent releases, and so we've been gearing up internally to deliver. We've recently switched to building with Maven, and we have plans for a more interactive way to manage issues.

So, thanks for your patience! The GWT team is totally pumped about the level of interest in GWT. We've been taking a little extra time here at the beginning to make sure that we're completely on track to ensure that GWT quickly evolves into a rock solid platform -- one that you trust for your biggest apps but that's easy enough to let you whip up your pet project du jour. The next release will be the first step in that direction, and we anticipate being able to deliver releases more quickly in the coming few months.

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