GWT Beta Version 1.1.10 Available

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Friday, August 25, 2006 at 10:19:00 AM

Three big cheers for the GWT community! The posts on the GWT developer forum have been amazing. The posts are interesting technically, and it's great to see everyone supporting each other so courteously. The great discussions (and, of course, the occasional bug reports :-) about GWT 1.1.0 motivated us to do an update as fast as we could, so we've been working extra hard the last couple weeks to turn around another update quickly, and we're happy to announce that GWT 1.1.10 is now available.

Before we get to GWT 1.1.10, some GWT community news:

Now then, what's been fixed in GWT 1.1.10? The issues list and release notes have the complete list, but here are some highlights:

  • Normalized behavior of GWT.getModuleBaseURL() with respect to hosted mode, web mode, RPC, and automatic resource injection [post #1, post #2, post #3]
  • i18nCreator fixed to work with Java 5.0 [post]
  • I18NSync (and therefore -i18n scripts) changed to replace dots with underscores when generating method names [post]
  • Additional character escaping in JSON strings [post]
  • Fixed bug calling toString() on nested JSON objects [post]
  • Fixed bug that caused the default font size of text in a FocusPanel to be zero [post]
  • Fixed TabPanel.insert() with asHTML argument [post]
  • Popups and DialogBoxes no longer underlap lists and combos in IE6 [post]
  • DialogBoxes can no longer be dragged beoynd the upper left corner of the browser window [post]
  • Buttons inside of FormPanels no longer automatically submit on Firefox; this is still a problem some versions of Safari and Opera [post]
  • TabPanel now sets the height of the internal DeckPanel to 100% to ensure all available space is used [post]
  • Fixed bug in Mozilla that was causing DialogBox.onKeyPressPreview() to see key as 0 [post]
  • Double click now fires correctly on IE6 [post]
  • Fixed RPC bug that caused deserialization errors or infinite loops with self-referential object graphs [post]
  • Fixed bug in JUnit assertEquals() for floating point values (delta was not honored correctly) [post]
  • Fixed internal compiler errors related to nested local subclasses, empty for loop expressions, and no-op unary plus operator. [post #1, post #2, post #3]
  • Compiler now handling filesystem symbolic links in project structure [post]

Please try out GWT 1.1.10 and, by all means, keep up the great posts!

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