An assortment of GWT links

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Tuesday, June 06, 2006 at 6:37:00 AM

We're really happy that so many people have started digging into the Google Web Toolkit! If you're new to GWT, check out Robert Cooper's nice tutorial on getting started with GWT. If you're already a seasoned GWT veteran (it's been out almost 3 weeks, after all :-), then you might find some of these links interesting:

And in case you haven't stopped in lately, participation in the the developer forum continues to be phenomenal. If you have questions about GWT, chances are good that someone on the forum can help you. The GWT engineering team is virtually obsessed with reading the forum to see what we're doing right (and wrong) as well as what we can do to make GWT more useful. So, if you have a gripe or a feature request, let us hear about it on the forum.

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