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Posted by Bret Taylor - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 12:13:00 AM

GWT developers have been energetic in the past few weeks. A few examples: Ryan Dewsbury created GWT-powered gpokr, a cool multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold'Em implementation with real-time chat. Our favorite office time-waster is Mark Roth 's GWT Hang Man. Another developer has also started work on a more ambitious photo-sharing site called myNetImages, built with GWT. Check out the GWT Site blog for a nice collection of links and information.

On the widget development front, Robert Hanson's GWT Widget Library now incorporates an impressive array of widgets, including SVG vector graphics, a calculator widget, and an editable label control. The GWT Component Library has also grown quite a bit to include everything from an auto-completion widget to a calendar control.

IDE support for GWT has also improved, thanks to the incredible efforts from IDE developers. JetBrains has released an impressive IntelliJ IDEA GWT Studio plugin with deep GWT compiler integration and JSNI syntax highlighting. And Roumen Strobl from Sun blogged about a nice NetBeans template for GWT.

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