GWT 2.6.0 Final is here!

Posted by Bhaskar Janakiraman - Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 3:14:00 PM

We have finally completed all validation and are happy to announce GWT 2.6.0. It took a while for this release to materialize after RC1, but thanks to the efforts of many people in the community, GWT 2.6.0 is now much improved and ready for release.

You can download this release from here.

- GWT Team


R. Flores said...

Just need to update latest release note page:

Christian Ullenboom said...

How about the support of the eclipse tooling?

Lukas Klingsbo said...


Michael ako Tecourt said...

and please update the maven central repository :)

Антон Печенко said...

How to make ebadded jetty follow symlinks? It is very important for me. Every release I get my projects not working... In other releases I edited jetty config file in gwt-servlet.jar. But now I cannot find it

Marcel Pater said...

After migrating to version 2.6.0 I got the following errors (only when extra flag is set):

Compile of permutations succeeded
[INFO] Linking into /.../web/target/webzunder_web-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT/dashboard; Writing extras to /.../...web/target/extra/dashboard
[INFO] Linking Private artifacts into /.../...web/target/extra
[INFO] Emitting resource cssResource/
[INFO] [ERROR] Fatal error emitting artifact: cssResource/
[INFO] /.../...web/target/extra/dashboard/cssResource/ (File name too long)
[INFO] at Method)
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at$1.(
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at$
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at

Moritz Blume said...

@Marcel: I have the same error. How did you turn of the extra flag? As a workaround, I can also rename a package in order to make the path shorter, but that's definitely not a good solution.

March Andival said...

oKE thanks very much, i just download GWT final