GWT and Dart

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 7:39:00 AM

The Google Web Toolkit team has been asked recently about our plans following the announcement of the Dart programming language a few weeks ago.

Dart and GWT both share the goal of enabling structured web programming. In fact, many of the same engineers who brought you GWT are working on Dart. We view Dart as an ambitious evolution of GWT’s mission to make web apps better for end users, and we’re optimistic about its potential. As Dart evolves and becomes ready for prime time, we anticipate working closely with the GWT developer community to explore Dart.

Meanwhile, rest assured that GWT will continue to be a productive and reliable way to build the most ambitious web apps — and even games like Angry Birds. Key projects within Google rely on GWT every day, and we plan to continue improving (and open-sourcing) GWT based on their real-world needs.


Tom said...

Glad to hear that, as I've just discovered GWT and I'm pretty excited about it. I love the idea of being able to use a well designed language such as Java (or Dart, but not js) to write my client, my server code, and maybe even my Android code, but I must admit to worrying that the lawsuit with Oracle could blunt Google's enthusiasm for 'going all Java' like this.

Though Dart, and the idea of a Dart version of GWT could intrigue me, I believe that GWT must remain focussed on Java to gain any traction in Enterprises. The move to web based dev has been slower in Enterprises then I might have expected and it seems likely to me that the ability to write modern web apps entirely in Java might help.

JustDoIt said...

Finally, we could get a compiling language which will have the gwt benefits without the 5 minutes compiling delay!

I just gave up my old gwt project. If dart envolve fast, I will keep working on that.

OrNot said...

It is a really good news that GWT will be improved continuously. This helps us to clarify our road map in the next years.
I think this blog might deserve
highlighted in a more important announcement position.

BTW: hope GWT team can refresh this blog more frequently.

Mikhail Barg said...

Nice to hear this, thanks.

Key projects within Google rely on GWT every day

Could you please mention which are these projects? I thought it's only Google Wave, which is no more...

Misha said...

cool, but that's yet another language! Why Groovy didn't fit for that? )

Hatim said...

@Mikhail Barg

Google Adwords UI is based on GWT. I believe parts of Google Docs as well.

Unknown said...

Here is a posting I wrote earlier wondering some of these :)

GaryStruthers said...

Can you please say that when Dart is on Chrome GWT will create a permutation for it? If there is doubt you can do this we should know that now.

DaveL said...

So how about a sign of commitment to the Java language? Like Java 7 support?

Sapio Sciences said...

Thanks for the update. Would you ever consider having GWT also generate Dart code from the Java baseline as an option instead of creating javascript?

That would be a good way to increase adoption of Dart as all the existing work done in GWT could immediately be creating Dart code.

Developers may then choose to convert their servlets to Dart for the server side stuff...but this would not be required as the regular RPC approach would still work, just with Dart on the client.

Emilio Bravo said...

Hi Bruce,

This post does not clarify the future of GWT (at least for me).

Do you have scheduled an integration between Dart and GWT?

Why Google will continue to maintain two projects with the same purpose?

GWT each day is making more space in the companies through which is based on Java and good integration with the server. The integration with android every day is better, what does Dart that can not be achieved with GWT?

bruce said...

Let's unify this comment stream into the existing discussion on Google+.