Riding the Google Wave

Posted by Fred Sauer, Developer Advocate - Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 6:45:00 PM

Today our colleagues down under began inviting the first 100,000 users to preview Google Wave. We are very proud of the work that they have done and are quite pleased that GWT has helped make Google Wave a reality. You can read more in yesterday's Google Wave Backstage - Q&A with Dhanji Prasanna at InfoQ.

In fact the Wave team has told us that they would have not been able to build the user interface you see today without GWT. That's a great testament to our mission statement which reflects our focus on developer productivity and user performance, delivering a great AJAX experience across all major browsers. Also, with only 10-15% additional effort GWT allowed the team to build a user interface dedicated for mobile devices browsers.

Of course there's still much to do before Google Wave rolls out for everyone. If you weren't one of the developers who participated in the developer preview or helped build one of the many samples perhaps there's an extension you would like to build. Check out the Google Wave API Documentation to find out how you can get started with GWT and Google Wave.

Congratulations to the Google Wave team on achieving this milestone and we look forward to continuing  to work together.

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