GWT Community Updates

Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Friday, September 25, 2009 at 9:00:00 AM

Community announcements

GWT on the go with gwt-mobile-webkit: A new project is underway started by a developer in the GWT community that provides GWT API bindings to HTML 5 features supported by Mobile WebKit. While the project more closely follows the WebKit implementation for HTML 5 features and other WebKit libraries, other browsers are also supported for various HTML 5 APIs. Check out the project homepage for more details.

GWT Gadgets riding the Wave: The Google Wave Gadget API is an awesome way to leverage the power of Wave in your gadgets. Thanks to the efforts of yet another great GWT community member, you can now more easily use the Google Wave Gadget API in your GWT developed Gadgets using the cobogwave project. This library builds on the existing GWT Gadgets support available in the Google API Libraries for GWT project.

GWT-GData v 1.10.1 released: Developed through the guidance of the GWT team, GWT community contributors and the main project lead, Bobby Soares, the gwt-gdata project recently had its 1.10.1 release. This is a nice library to access many of the GData APIs from Google Analytics to Google Maps Data. The full list of supported GData APIs can be found on the project page.

GWT-MVC 0.3 released: The MVC pattern has proven its usefulness in the domain of web application development time and time again. If this pattern is a good fit for the project you're planning or currently working on, you may want to check out the gwt-mvc project, which provides a layer of abstraction to make MVC modeled development easier in GWT.

GWT-Connectors 1.7 released: The gwt-connectors project is a really cool tool for developers who need to connect boxed components with connectors, and now includes connectors with arrow tips. You can check out the demo here, and if you like what you see and need it for your application, check out the project page for more information.

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