GWT.create Conference

Posted by Bhaskar Janakiraman - Friday, October 18, 2013 at 9:30:00 AM

Vaadin is hosting the first GWT-only conference since 2007, with repeat events in both San Francisco and Frankfurt.  This promises to be the most exciting event for GWT developers in 2013.

The following is a guest blog post from Fredrik Rönnlund of Vaadin Ltd.

GWT.create Conference, December 12-13 & 17-19, 2013

GWT has for too long lacked its own dedicated conference - where we as GWT developers get to meet each other. Where both framework developers and users can get together and talk face to face on the next exciting things coming to GWT.

The GWT.create conference solves this in December 2013 and you're invited! GWT.create is a two day conference organised on two continents (at San Francisco, USA and Frankfurt, Germany) with over 60 speeches and two tracks full of interesting talks and workshops. There is no doubt this is the best thing to happen to GWT since GWT. ;)

This is the best way to jump on the bandwagon and hear the latest and greatest about GWT!

Read more and sign up today at


Alex Rudnick said...

The first ever?

What about the one in 2007?

Bhaskar Janakiraman said...

Fixed now, thanks.