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Posted by Bhaskar Janakiraman - Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 3:14:00 PM

Vaadin Ltd., as part of the newly-formed GWT Steering Committee, has drafted an online survey for GWT users. The following is a guest blog post from David Booth of Vaadin Ltd.

The Future of GWT Survey

This year has brought many changes to GWT, from Super Dev Mode and Elemental to the creation of the GWT Steering Committee (which Vaadin is proud to be a part of).

As part of the committee, Vaadin would like to learn more about the community that we all serve, so together with Ray Cromwell (Google representative and acting Committee Chair), Artur Signell (Vaadin representative), Mike Brock (RedHat representative), David Chandler (Developer Advocate at Google), Daniel Kurka (mgwt, gwt-phonegap), and Bhaskar Janakiraman (Google), we came up with The Future of GWT survey.  Please help us understand:
  • How should GWT develop?
  • What technologies should it better support?
  • What are best practices within the community?
  • What is your opinion on the future of GWT?

Information is king - So once we collect all the data from this survey, we’ll work together to build The Future of GWT Report. We’re happy to publicly share all the information we find with you, so that we can all make educated decisions about the future!

Can you take 10 mins to fill out The Future of GWT survey?


marcos m said...

Hi, i`m from Brazil, i think that is very important to add a new UI components, like slider, drag-and-drop, carousel, growl, also a new component to upload with drag-and-drop with multiples files.



Cristian said...

Hello GWT Team, I'm new to GWT, I'm learning it now, I wish to thank you for this wonderfull tool.

I haven't done the survey because I'm in the learning fase, but if you could improve the learning resources, centering in one place, keeping it update, putting a roadmap, it would be fantastic.

Gexton said...

its really nice tool