Dev mode plugin now available for 64-bit IE

Posted by David Chandler - Tuesday, January 04, 2011 at 10:20:00 AM

The GWT development mode plugin is now available for the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. You can download it as usual when prompted to do so by the "missing plugin" page. Note that this is unrelated to the IE9 issue previously discussed on this blog. The GWT team is still working with Microsoft on a fix.


Johan PIQUET said...

I'm sorry but it seems the "missing plugin page" is broken.

Z said...

Can you be more specific? I just tried it out and it works fine.
if it is the first time you run the browser, make sure you allow the plugin to run (yellow bar bellow the address bar).
Also, if you install x64 bits, restart the browser.

Johan PIQUET said...
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Johan PIQUET said...

I recently re-installed my PC.

The matter is that now when I launch my GWT application from Eclipse

and run it with a browser without GWT plugin I'm redirected to this page : (what is an normal scenario).

But this page redirect automatically to this page :

doing that I can't download and install the GWT plugin for my navigator.

I tried with two PC and this navigators : Chrome, Firefox and IE x32/x64.
Same matter.

Thank you for your help and interest.

Z said...

Since you mentioned that you just re-installed your pc, one thing to keep in mind is that the first time you run IE, a 'bazzilion' popups, alerts come up for you to allow, enable, etc in order to allow stuff to run. if you make any of these guys unhappy, it will barf (it is a one time thing, you will not need to do it again).

have you tried installing directly (using the url inside missingplugin.html)? if you already have the plugin (you can check if you do in the control panel > installed apps) and still get the missing plugin message, it almost certain that you did not right click on IE yellow bar and allow it to run (it is a one time thing).

Johan PIQUET said...

What I tried to say, is that this matter is for all navigators on my new installed PC, not only IE.

Can I ask you what do you get when you browse this page :

For me (from France) I have NOT the install plugin page, but I redirected on an other page.

Johan PIQUET said...

Thank you, it's now working again !

style said...

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اهورا said...

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please give me a good doc.
I want use editor in inhertance.
for example B extends A and also C extends A. in InsertForm I want insert A or B or C according to state that selected in ListBox.
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sherry hill said...

I've had a blog through google since January. Last week I got a popup [when I went to check stats] that says I am missing a gwt.xml module. Not only can I not see stats but I can't post a comment myself. The tech words re the gwt.xml module are hard for me to understand. What has happened and how do I retreive that module? Or has my blog been hacked? I have read and read and still don't know if I should download or what. Thanks for any info.

David Chandler said...

@sherry hill: sounds like a Blogger bug, as the admin console was recently rewritten in GWT. Please report to the Blogger team.