Using a dynamic host page for GWT apps

Posted by David Chandler - Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 9:12:00 AM

A new article on the GWT articles site discusses some of the benefits of hosting a GWT app in a dynamically generated page vs. static HTML.

Using a Dynamic Host Page for Authentication and Initialization


Renato Mangini said...

Interesting! We have been doing this for a while to speed up UI: our host page is a JSP that reads from DB the information required to fill the entry page and output it as a JSON object on the global scope. The GWT code looks for that JSON object and saves one request to the server. The speedup is noticeable, specially if the GWT code is already cached on client.

JimmyJoe said...

We have also been doing this for a while, and have developed a standardized method ("Initializers") for transferring data to our GWT modules via our JSPs.

It would be great if GWT supported serializing objects into JSPs or Servlets at runtime to cut down on the amount of JSON manipulation that can be required to transfer complex data sets this way.

Official support for something along the lines of what Pat Niemeyer suggested or Lombardi is doing would provide a great method for speeding up module startup when using JSPs or Servlets.