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Posted by Unknown - Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 9:57:00 AM

Although its only been a few weeks since the previous release of the open source gadgets library for Google Web Toolkit (GWT), a major overhaul to the gwt-gadgets project has been underway and we are excited to announce that these changes are ready to be released as gwt-gadgets-1.2.0.

Gadgets allow a developer to create applications that can be embedded in another website. Sites that support gadgets include iGoogle, My Space, Orkut, Linked In or Google Wave. These sites all adhere to the Open Social Foundation specifications for gadgets and the Open Social API. This release incorporates the following features into the GWT bindings:

  • Updates the API to make use of the gadgets.* JavaScript API namespace. Previously only the legacy gadgets API was supported.
  • Adds OS Lite API (1.0) core support.
  • Updates the Gadget RPC sample and provided a utility class to simplify use of GWT-RPC.
  • Adds support for gadget Locale settings.
  • HTML strict or quirks mode can be selected.
  • Gadget manifest names can be generated with short or long format.
  • Changes the Feature classes to interfaces to allow mocking for unit testing.
  • Adds a new sample application with demonstrates the use of Open Social, OAuth, App Engine and the Maps API together in a gadget.

We would like to recognize Hilbrand Bouwkamp for helping update the GWT-RPC support in the library. Hilbrand is the author of cobogwave which adds Google Wave specific support for GWT based gadgets.

This new release is now available for download at Google Code

The Google API Library for GWT Team

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