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Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 5:04:00 PM

Community announcements

Gilead GWT adapter for Google App Engine: Bruno Marchesson, creator of the Gilead (aka Hibernate4GWT) library, has created another adapter - this time for GWT applications running on App Engine. It is still in its early stages, but this may be useful to those looking to build their applications using GWT and Google App Engine and who don't mind hammering on fresh code.

Vaadin 6 (formerly IT Mill Toolkit) releases: The IT Mill team has come out with the latest release of their toolkit built using GWT technology. Vaadin offers a different take on Ajax application development that employs server-driven architecture with widgets composed of both client and server-side components. Their latest release is available on their new site.

SmartGWT out of beta with v1.1 release: Sanjiv Jivan has been hard at work getting the SmartGWT library ready for its out of beta release. It includes many useful new features that you might be interested in checking out.

Google I/O 2009 - Caught on video

GWT at Google I/O: In case you missed it, we've captured all the GWT sessions at Google I/O on video, including the keynote presenting Google Wave (built with GWT).

GWT Developers at Google I/O: A few external developers who use GWT also stopped by I/O and participated in the Developer Sandbox. Despite all the hustle and bustle around the sandbox area, we managed to talk to some of them on video about their development experience. Some of those we talked to include:

We also talked to many other developers using Google Technologies to create some great applications.

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Steve @ Queplix said...

Queplix product was featured in this blog awhile ago, and I thought Ishould post a brief update. We took our GWT-based app to the new highs with the latest core updates. Our development team has grown 5-fold since last year thanks in part to GWT's fast and easy on-boarding for new engineering hires. The product itself performs magic on the UI and server side as well as usability with our user community. Check out more at