Google API Libraries for GWT - May 2009 Release

Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Thursday, May 07, 2009 at 3:22:00 PM

We are pleased to announce updates to the Google API Libraries for the Google Web Toolkit  project.  The Google API Libraries for GWT project allows GWT developers to access some of Google's popular JavaScript APIs.  This release contains new bindings for two libraries:

These libraries each come with sample code and Javadoc documentation.

In addition, other libraries have been updated.  Highlights include:

  • UI Styling and full GoogleBar support for the Google Maps API.
  • Ajax Loader support integrated with Search, Maps, Language, and Visualization.
  • Formatters support, new event types, and new OrgChart features added to bindings for Google Visualization API.
  • Bugfixes for the Gears API wrappers, for a full release of support for Gears 0.4 features.
  • Locked Domain feature added and improved performance for the Gadgets API.

These updates are now available for download at the Google API Libraries for GWT  project hosted on Google Code.

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