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Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 9:27:00 AM

Community announcements

Need a diagramming component in your GWT app? Now you can have one, thanks to the gwt-connectors project developed by Robert Waszkowski. The gwt-connectors project, which uses Fred Sauer's gwt-dnd, allows you to create components, drag them around, connect them together, and then drag some more (with connectors redrawn appropriately). It's really quite fun, you should give it a try.

HtmlUnit 2.5 released: For many, using JUnit TestCase and GWTTestCases to test their GWT applications is enough to sleep easy at night. However, in some cases, you want to test app navigtation flows in an automated way. For these cases, HtmlUnit comes to save the day. The HtmlUnit framework allows you to write tests that navigate through your application, fill forms, access attributes and values and so forth,  and includes support for GWT.

A SimpleGesture goes a long way: A developer at IT Mill Toolkit decided to use his 10% time to build something really neat - a gesture-recognizing widget. Using SimpleGesture, you can capture mouse gestures in a given widget and trigger an associated action. You should give the demo a try if you want to see it in action, and look up the source code if you want to code it into your own applications. It turns out that this widget also works quite well with a Wiimote.

More fun stuff

Google I/O: The Google I/O website has been updated with new sessionsspeakers  and developer sandbox participants . It will be a great event for those who want to learn the latest about Google developer products or who want to mingle with other developers who are in the field and have built applications using Google technologies. We're hoping to see you there!

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