Google API Libraries for GWT Update

Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Friday, February 06, 2009 at 9:45:00 AM

Another round of updates is ready for the Google API Libraries for Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This update brings bug fixes and new features to three of the existing libraries. The Google Visualization API Library for GWT moves from a release candidate to a public release with a few bug fixes. The Gadgets API Library for GWT now supports GadgetAds , gadget based internationalization and an important bug fix for Windows developers using GWT hosted mode. The Google Maps API Library for GWT now includes support for the GAdsManager and reverse geocoding support. We are also announcing a major update to the Gears API Library for GWT to support the Gears 0.4 feature set, which includes Geolocation, HTTP Request, Desktop and Blob support.

This release is exciting to me not just for the new features that have been added, but also for the number of new contributors to the libraries from the open source community. Special thanks to Mark Renouf for contributing Gears 0.4 support, and all those that filed issues and contributed patches.

You can find the new libraries ready for download on Google Code.

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