Google I/O conference in San Francisco!

Posted by Sumit Chandel, Developer Programs Engineer - Tuesday, April 01, 2008 at 5:33:00 PM

If you missed the GWT conference in December, you aren't out of luck. In case you haven't seen the blog posts yet, Google is hosting its new annual developer conference, Google I/O, May 28-29 in San Francisco. For GWT enthusiasts and those who want to learn more about GWT technology, you'll be happy to know that the conference offers a healthy serving of GWT content among the many sessions to be held during the event. Here's a brief description of some of the GWT sessions you can look forward to experiencing at the conference:

  • Faster-than-possible Code: Deferred Binding: Here's your chance for our very own Bruce Johnson, co-creator of the Google Web Toolkit, to lead you through a code lab that demonstrates the deferred binding technique. Using this technique, you'll be ready to cut out the runtime overhead for your clients without losing the neat abstractions that are responsible for it.
  • Reusing Google APIs with Google Web Toolkit: The Google I/O conference is going to present more than just the GWT platform, but the plethora of APIs in the Google developer product arsenal aimed at making web development richer, easier and more accessible. After checking out those nifty API sessions, you may begin to wonder how you can integrate them into your GWT apps. Let our GWT experts lead the way by taking you through a code lab showcasing the Google API Libraries for GWT.
  • Resource Bundles and Linkers in Google Web Toolkit: So you built your full blown GWT app, and it's super fast, but starts slowing down because it's image and style heavy. You check out the HTTP traffic when you point your browser to your application page and notice that your browser is waiting for 120 HTTP roundtrips for the 120 images you've included on your application page! On top of that you want to take your application offline, and will have to add a manifest entry to make the Gears cache capture the 120 images along with all your other resources! No worries, just bundle up the images, inject the styles and link the resources. Let Bob Vawter show you the way of the GWT ninja and explain how to use the powerful Resource Bundle and Linker features to handle cases like these.
In addition to these sessions, there will be a whole slew of others guaranteed to satisfy the appetite of the hungry web developer (there will also be food for the literally hungry web developer). We'll have 3 caf├ęs setup for you to choose from. If you're interested in checking out some of these sessions, GWT-related or otherwise, be sure to register before this Friday to take advantage of early registration and let us know that you'll be dropping by. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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