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Posted by Dan Peterson - Wednesday, October 10, 2007 at 11:51:00 AM

Over the summer we blogged about a conference dedicated to the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) that the folks at Pearson Education are planning. We're happy to announce that the agenda has been posted.

Voices That Matter: Google Web Toolkit will take place December 3-6, 2007 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The week kicks off on Monday, December 3rd, with (optional) preliminary workshops on JavaScript and AJAX development to prepare attendees for the rest of the week. Starting Tuesday morning, core conference sessions include:

  • Performance: Joel Webber, co-creator of GWT, will discuss best practices for web application performance and explain how to implement them with GWT
  • Usability: how to design GWT applications that make your end users not just happy but ecstatic
  • AJAX Security and GWT: a comparison of the security features of GWT applications and applications built with other AJAX frameworks like Prototype and Dojo as well as their susceptibility to attacks
  • Panel Session - Tools for GWT: creators of GWT-specific development tools will discuss how their products can improve your productivity by simplifying everything from RPC to 118N (internationalization)
  • Panel Session - GWT Apps in Production: learn from real-world projects about how to launch a large-scale GWT application and get the most from your serving infrastructure

In addition to the talks and panels, there will be several opportunities for more casual interactions with members of the GWT community, including the conference speakers. Nearly all of the GWT team will be speaking and participating in the conference including co-creators of GWT Bruce Johnson and Joel Webber. Feel free to check out the complete list of speakers.

Be sure to register before October 27th to receive the "early bird" discount. We'll see you there!

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