Google Web Toolkit Video from Developer Day and Some Great Technical Blog Posts

Posted by Joel Webber - Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 11:20:00 AM

Now that we've almost recovered from Google Developer Day, it's time for a quick review of some recent GWT sightings in the blogosphere:

  • Fast, Beautiful, Easy: Pick Three

    The Google Web Toolkit talk that Bruce Johnson and I gave at Google Developer Day is now online. As you might have guessed, it emphasizes end-user experience, GWT usability features, and several of the big improvements made in GWT 1.4 RC.

  • GWT Demystified

    This is an in-progress blog series talking about the nuts and bolts of GWT by Ray Cromwell, CTO of Timepedia. Timepedia recently released Chronoscope, a GWT charting and visualization platform. In his first post, Ray delves into some of the theory and practice of the GWT compiler, explaining many invisible-but-important details that don't typically get a lot of fanfare.

  • GWT a Year Later

    AgileAjax recently posted an interview with Dr. Adam Tacy and Robert Hanson, authors of GWT in Action. With the benefit of a full year's experience, they thoroughly answer some of the initial doubts about the GWT approach expressed on Ajaxian soon after GWT's initial launch.

It is quite rewarding to see increasing awareness of just how well the GWT approach works in practice and how much value the GWT compiler and code generators bring to the AJAX development process.

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