GWT Grab Bag: JavaOne, SeaJUG, and

Posted by Dan Peterson - Tuesday, May 08, 2007 at 10:10:00 AM

Since JavaOne is where we first introduced you to the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), we're quite excited about all that we're doing at JavaOne this year. If you're attending the conference, be sure to check out Bruce and Joel's GWT session (Wednesday, May 9 @ 1:30pm). We hope you'll also be able to stop by the Google booth to chat. Feel free to let us know on the GWT Developer Forum, so we know to look for you.

For those of you near Seattle, Washington, if you've been waiting for a GWT presentation to get your feet wet, I'm happy to report that Bob Vawter is presenting at SeaJUG next week (Tuesday, May 15 @ 7pm).

We've also recently discovered a very elegant application built with GWT: Not only is their application small (136K, uncompressed) and speedy, but they're taking advantage of some of GWT's benefits: they are using history, they've built custom widgets (e.g. a date picker), and they've made great use of CSS. We're proud that GWT is a part of such a great app.

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