Google Atlanta Open House (Read: We're Hiring!)

Posted by Dan Peterson - Friday, March 30, 2007 at 11:02:00 AM

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) engineering team in our Atlanta Engineering office and participating in our Atlanta open house (read about how it went). This was a fun event mostly designed to let the Atlanta community hear about what our engineers are working on in Midtown Atlanta. That is, what we're working on outside of hiring more people.

I'm eager to share some photos, which include an appearance by President Jimmy Carter, but before we get to that, let me update you all on the happenings in and around GWT:

  • A few weeks back Bruce gave a well-received presentation at QCon in London.
  • In preparation for the GWT tutorial at EclipseCon, Kelly and Miguel used GWT to build Chattr, an instant messaging app that runs in the browser. The source is posted so that you can play around with it if you'd like to see how it works.
  • Scott and Bret Taylor presented at AJAXWorld in NYC last week.
  • Immediately following the Atlanta open house, Bruce hopped on a plane to join Rajeev at The ServerSide Java Symposium, and gave a presentation.
  • Just a couple days ago, Dan Morrill spoke at the Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise conference in Philadelphia.

Now I'll leave you with a few photos:

(Photo credit: Clark Savage)

The Google Web Toolkit team (from left to right):

  • Back row: Miguel Mendez, Kevin Scott, Toby Reyelts, Dan Peterson, Bruce Johnson, Dan Morrill, Alan Eustace
  • Front row: John Tamplin, Scott Blum, Emily Crutcher, Kelly Norton
  • Not pictured: Joel Webber, Rajeev Dayal
(Photo credit: Clark Savage)

During the office tour, Scott demonstrated a new kind of "diplomacy" to President Carter with one of the GWT team's lightsabers... er... conflict-resolution facilitators.

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