Wrapping Up GWT 1.2 Soon

Posted by Bruce Johnson - Wednesday, November 08, 2006 at 6:20:00 PM

Many thanks to everyone who has tried out the GWT 1.2 Release Candidate so far. We hope you like the new OS X support and the optimized hosted mode reload time, and hopefully you've benefited from all the other fixes and enhancements as well. I wanted to summarize a few bug reports we've received related to new functionality in 1.2 RC (build 1.2.11) and give a quick update.

  • There was a bug related to whitespace in filenames that was discussed on the group. It was not a problem with IDEA at all...the goof was completely ours. It was written up as Issue 308 in the GWT Issue Tracker and a fix will be included in the 1.2 Final release.
  • Some OS X users found that using certain add-on software (e.g. Creammonkey) conflicted with OS X hosted mode. Kelly explains it in Issue 296, which also includes a script that can automatically patch 1.2 RC to fix the problem.
  • Certain uses of jar files to share modules were interacting badly with the new hosted mode caching infrastructure, as described in Issue 309. It has been fixed for the next build, but the issue writeup describes a workaround if you need one before then.
  • We didn't state it explicitly before, but the new OS X hosted mode support only works on Tiger (OS X Version 10.4) or later.
If all goes as planned, we expect to wrap up changes related to the new 1.2 functionality and publish a final version of GWT 1.2 next week. We're resisting the temptation to slurp in additional changes since our goal is to finalize the things that were slated for 1.2. Once that's in your hands, we can quickly move on to another round of features and fixes as we push toward getting 1.3 out there (no ETA yet for that, but we'll keep you posted).

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